Hawaiian Duck Party

This was my VERY FIRST birthday party.  It does not wow me, but I wanted to share anyway in case you see something that might spark ideas for your own Hawaiian Luau.  My oldest daughter turned 1 back in October 2006!  Time flies, but anyway here are some photos I wanted to share….
The invitation was designed by my friend, Nicole.
The piñata was by far my favorite thing of this party!  It was BIG!!!
The cake was super cute!!  It was made by a friend of a friend…..sorry no website 🙁
Birthday girl wore an original Hawaiian dress that grandma bought for her in Hawaii.
 Mommy and daddy wore Hawaiian outfits as well.  Note- I’m pregnant with my second girl already….ha!
All the party decorations were purchased at Oriental Trading.  I printed this duck and glued it on yellow paper treat bags for the kids.  They looked adorable, but don’t have a photo to show you.
This is all my friends!  Nothing exciting, but wanted to show you what my first party looked like.  I have come a LONG ways with my parties….. stay tuned.  I’ll share little sister’s cupcake party next!
Have a great weekend!!!

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