Bumble BEE Party

My daughter’s 3rd birthday party was this past Saturday.  Photos taken by my friend, Paula Stiller Photography.  I’m sad to report she is moving to Colorado in 2 weeks, but if you live there you will be blessed to have her!  Check out her blog HERE.

Invite designed by the TomKat Studio.  Thank you Kim!  They are perfect!
Instead of party hats, my friend Jennifer and I made bumble bee antennas for the kids.  I set up a small black table by the front door.  Our little guests had to grab one before walking in the house.  



  The “SWEETS” table was inspired by Amy Atlas Events.


I loved how the lollipop tree turned out!


Personalized chocolate candy bars by DDH Favors.


I made the “SWEETS” banner to match…


My crafty mom made these bumble bee centerpieces for all the tables.  She has opened her own etsy store now.  You can see it HERE.
Food, drinks, cups, plates, etc….
Party circles for the napkins came from the TomKat Studio 🙂


I made the “Happy BEE-Day Honey” banner.  We happen to call our daughter “Honey” so it was perfect!!!


I also made the party circles you see on the left hanging on the big log…they read:
One of my good friends, Jennifer drew this on a piece of wood so we could take photos of the kids.  It turned out SOOOOOOOO much better than the original I had seen. Thank you Jen!
The piñata is from this etsy shop: Party House Pinatas
I made a “Queen Bee” crown for my birthday girl! 


Cake table….. WOW!!  This was so much fun to put together 🙂  I made the table runner and is available in my etsy shop as well.
My girls eating marshmallow pops :):):)


 You noticed the glittery #3 sitting there?  I made that too and will be selling these too.


I also made these super cute bumble bees that were hanging above the cake table…

  I hired this super sweet girl to draw “bee” tattoos on the kids…it was fun for them!


We played the “Pin the bee on the beehive” game….
My little honey blowing the candles…..


People always ask “where should we put the gifts?”.  I thought it’d be good to add a sign on the table and here it is!


The kids got a paper polka dot bag before they left.  The girls bags had a little polka dot bow attached to them.
 I made the thank you cards with tags from the TomKat Studio…
The inside of the card reads:
“Thank you  for bee-ing at my birthday party.  It was the beest birthday ever. I also thank you for my special gift!  Mommy and daddy are glad you came too.  It was fun bee-ing with all my friends!  XOXO Hannah”


Here’s just the 4 of us 🙂
 Thank you for visiting!  I hope you are inspired to throw a bee-utiful birthday party!
Feel free to comment or ask ANY questions!  I’m happy to help! 🙂

P.S. If you leave or have left a question under the comments and you have not heard from me, is because I didn’t have a way to contact you.  Please be sure to leave your email address so I can respond.  THANKS!

  • Hello,
    I am doing a Mommy to Bee Babee Shower and I was wondering where do I find the link to your site where you are selling a few things from your creativity because your ideas are gorgeous. I wish you lived here because I’d be trying to hire you to decorate my party. Please feel free to email back. Thanks

  • Wow! Such a beautiful bday party! Love the headbands/ decorations/ table themes– everything!!

  • Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I love EVERYTHING and the honey tree! It looks like everybody had a wonderful time:)

  • I would like to know about the two little girls dresses and shoes, and also the happy bee day honey banner. where do i purchase these items. Please contact me at sexymemsg@yahoo.com. I am taking my grandaughter and would love for her to have on one of the outfits and shoes OMG. w
    Where do i purchase everything…thank you…Gail Atkins

  • I'm doing the bumble bee theme for my daughters 1st birthday in June and i'm interested on the decorations… its the nicest one's i have seen so far on line.. can u please contact me at iveliz202@gmail.com. i would like to know how to get the decorations.. thank you.. sincerely Angelica Rodriguez

  • This is the best bee themed party I've seen thus far!! I'm planning my daughter's first birthday and I think I'm going to use a lot of your idesa!!! Thank you sooooo much : )


  • Oh, there are not enough words to say how cute this is!!!!! Would you mind sharing how you made the jeweled bee??????

  • LOVE THIS!!!! this will be the theme for my daughters 2nd bday this year. quick question, the image of the bee that you used where did you find that? thanks!

    xo Karina

  • OH MY, This is the cutest birthday party. I just sent the link to my niece who has a little girl. I'm sure everyone had a blast.

  • can you tell me what you used on the sweets table, I came up with similar lollipops, lemonheads, where did you get all the lollipops? did you use fabric on the tables over a plastic tablecloth? I am planning my daughter Bee party for march, her middle name is Bee after my grandmother, and it is the theme of her 1st birthday. any suggestions on what to give as favors?

  • I'm doing a mommy to "bee" shower and wanted to know, how did you make the banner? and what did your yellow and black topiary consits of ( how to make it).

  • hi, i loved your work. Would you share designs, or could you do the same for me. I am a party organiser. Would love to use some of your work. Can you send me your email or contact number (better) and would love to talk to you.
    I am looking to outsourse someone to do all my designs for my parties.

  • I LOVE this. We are having a bumble bee themed party for my daughter in a couple of weeks, I was wondering what type of candy you used! Thank you so much! You did an amazing job!!!

  • Wow! I LOVE this party! I'm all about themes and going all out for special days, and this sure was a memorable one for your sweet daughter. Well done! Nice to meet you btw. I came over from Tatertots and Jello. ~Kristin from Windy Poplars

  • Great job! My friends always laugh because I love planning the party just as much as the party itself. I have boys so I can't do it too over the top, but I do love trying!

  • New to your blog and totally love it! You are so talented. Now I have to go check out your Etsy shop 🙂

  • hi just loved your bumble bee party what size where the cupcake toppers I making some for my daughters party and i think i made them to big for the stand if that makes sense my email is mariposacaprishosa@yahoo.com my name is clarissa thanks a bunch

  • So, so cute! I wanna do this theme for my daughter's 3rd bday party in November. What did you make the little trees(with the white balls on top) out of? Also, where did you find the yellow candles with the B, E on them? Thanks a bunch and I love this party! rsmartt7@gmail.com

  • You did such an AMAZING job! Wow! So many details! Can you please tell me how you made the cute antenna headbands? My daughter's first birthday is going to be bee themed =) My e-mail is lisa_duke07@yahoo.com thanks for sharing!

  • wow, i am so impressed! great job.
    thanks for entering the party giveaway at breebee.com, we'll have a winner here soon!

  • I love this! Your talent is remarkable. I'm throwing a bee themed baby shower for my sister and they don't know what they are having so I thought the "Cute as a Bee" Is it a boy or a girl? Just gotta wait and see would fit it perfectly. Want to get your ideas for tweeking the birthday theme into a baby shower. Contact me at t_grice@yahoo.com.

  • OMG! this is marvelous. I was planning for bumble bee birthday for my 1 year old daughter. That is when i got your link. It is fantastic. I too wanted to make things myself for my daughter. Can you please help me in making things like you made for your daughter.

  • This is the most adorable party! I love every detail that you put into the party. You are so creative and I am so glad that you are sharing your gift with us! Can't wait to look around your blog.

  • OMGoodness Fabulous Job!!!! I keep coming to the website I can not get enough of it my daughter is turning three and she wants a bee party so much fun.

  • That is one of the most well thought out and adorable parties I've ever seen. SOOOO cute!

  • So cute! I decided about 6 months ago that I was going to do a honey bee party for my daughter when she turns 2 in August. There aren't that many ideas out there for this so I loved seeing what you did with the theme. Great job! Where did you find those napkins and the bee balloon??

  • Okay, I am very, very inspired! Everything looks so amazing.


  • what an amazing job!! You out did yourself!! I love the antenas for the kids and the cake. Adorable!

  • Your party was so cute I love it! Where did you get the bee napkins? I have been looking for the bee plates and everywhere I have found them they are out of stock any ideas?

  • Thanks for sharing this BEE-UTIFUL party! There are so many sweet touches, I don't know where to start listing all the things I love! Love the banners!… love the girls' dresses… love the Lollipop Tree on the 'sweets table'… love the Bee Crown!… i love everything! I would definitely like to feature on my blog! Thanks again for sharing! 🙂

  • Just when I didn't think you can outdone yourself…you did! I think your ideas get better and better…and I guess as it should be! These looked awesome! Belated Happy Birthday, Hannah!

  • You really know how to take a theme and run with it! You can see the love in every detail…just adorable!

  • Wow, fantastic!! I love every single detail, your sweets table is so divine! Well done, memories are made of these.

  • This is THE most adorable party! Everything is just gorgeous. It looks like your daughter had a great birthday! Nice job, mom!

  • Love it!! I especially love the HAPPY BEE DAY banner, how cute & original. Great job girl!!!!!

  • Ok, SO Miss Paula told me you live near me and I found you from Design Dazzle! What an amazing party! BTW, I am Corie.:) LOVE LOVE LOVE the party! GOOD JOB!:)

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is beyond amazing! beyond! you are amazing!!!!!
    haven-t seen a more perfect party! you are the best! I want to be just like you when I grow up:)))
    I am so gone check out your entire blog tonight. i am planing a party for my daughter, i want to do zebra, pink and orange. The only thing is I live in Romania and we have little things available to us here when compared to US. I am soooo happy I have found you.

  • Cute cute cute!!!!! Super cute! i have an invitation like that toooooooooooo! wow!!! not the bee theme but format! :o) I love it! Look at how wonderful the party came together! Awesome work!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog…so glad I found yours, I'm going to follow now!


  • Cute cute cute!!!!! Super cute! i have an invitation like that toooooooooooo! wow!!! not the bee theme but format! :o) I love it! Look at how wonderful the party came together! Awesome work!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog…so glad I found yours, I'm going to follow now!


  • Thanks for stopping by my blog! LOVE your blog title! So flipping CUTE!!! Your BB party ROCKED! You're a true Superchick! Can't wait to get to know you! 🙂

  • Holy cow! That party turned out soooo cute! I love all of the little details. I especially loved your "sweets" table! You did a fabulous job!

  • Adorable!! I did a bee party back in January and I think it's such a fun theme! Love the sweets table!

  • Looks awesome, can I ask if you can share what the yellow and black topiary is consisted of and how it's made that's on the sweets table in the back right corner?

  • It was such a beautiful party! I don't think Dylan has ever eaten so much candy! He was in heaven! It was fun to see all the pictures, thanks for sharing!

  • You did a wonderful job. Everything is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

    I love the sweets table.

  • O MY STINKIN' HECK! Can I please be three and be your daughters friend so I can come to her next birthday party?! Every last detail is stunning. Seriously. Bee-utiful work! 😉 {wow, i'm a dork}.

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