Halloween Glam Party

Woooohoo so excited to share this party with you all!! 
Last Saturday night my friend Jennifer and I hosted a halloween party for adults only.  It was tons of fun planning and coming up with ideas! 
Thank you to Kim from The TomKat Studio for the gorgeous printables!  They inspired the whole theme for this bash!
I will start with one of my favorite pics!  Here’s the “SWEETS” table.  I have to tell you that almost every dessert on here was home-made by my friend, Jennifer.  She is awesome!!! Everything was yummy!!!!
I made 2 of these arrangements for each side on the table
This is the witch hat cake Jennifer came up with! 🙂
Giggling Ghosts 🙂 
Purple witch hat cookies at the bottom were made by Regina from www.sweeticakes.com
Thank you to my chick, Rebecca from Fresh Chick Design for coming to my rescue with the labels for these kisses!!! 🙂
Jen made yummylicious champagne & chocolate cupcakes!
Found green popcorn at Walmart 🙂
Another angle of the sweets table…love it!
We set up this table with plates and wrapped silverware
 Swamp green punch= vodka, lime sherbert, and sprite…yum!!
 Jennifer set up a fake cemetery outside….purple lights and all…it was super cool!
 Are you bummed you didn’t get an invite?…LOL!!  It was a great time! 
Thank you Liz for the fabulous pictures!  Thank you to my friend Jennifer, Elva, and everyone that helped out with this party.  You all know it is not possible to put this together with extra hands!  I am so blessed to have a wonderful group of friends who help me a ton every time I’m planning a party!
Until the next Halloween!!! 🙂

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