My Craft Room Before & After

I have been meaning to share my craft room with you all!  This room used to be our “guest” bedroom.  We don’t have guests out of town often so, we decided to make it my mommy cave.  My girls named this room “The Party Room”.
Embarrased to share these “before” pics with you, but here’s what the room used to look like……yuck!!!!  I can’t believe I was able to get work done…ha!
Here’s the wall before the zebra mural…..a HUGE THANK YOU to my friend, Jennifer for painting this mural….she’s so talented!!!
Now…believe me….it DOES NOT always look as clean, but I picked it up before we took these pics! 🙂  Here’s a “before” and “after” close up…..
What do you all think??  I love love being in my room!!!! 
I never want to leave….next on my list is to get a tv on the wall 🙂 
The scrapbook racks and tall black shelf were purchased on craigslist.  Most of the decor is from Hobby Lobby including the damask curtains.  The big piece with the cubes is from IKEA and so is the chandelier!  It was all done on a small budget and a little at a time so, it’s all paid for cash….yaaay!!!

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