Bumble Bee Antennas Tutorial

Would you like to know how to make these super cute bumble bee antennas?
Ready?…Easiest craft ever!…lol :)
Materials:  black plastic headband, ribbon, black pom poms, black and yellow pipe cleaners and glue gun.
Take your pipe cleaners and cut them in half
Start twisting them as tight as you’d like
Grab twisted pipe cleaners and make a little “L” at the end before you glue on the headband
Then take your black pom poms and hot glue them at the top of the pipe cleaners
Squeeze the pom pom tight for a few seconds until it’s secure
Then hot glue the headband and cover it with your ribbon
That’s it!  Here they are! :)
Here’s one of our little guests at the party modeling one for us! :)
Thank you for stopping by!  
Have fun making these little favors!

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