Back to School Party

This party was featured on Amy Atlas and we are a little late at sharing it, but we wanted to make sure it was added to our “Parties” album.
I hosted a “back to school” party for a purpose to reach out to other kids in need. It’s for kids whose parents are in prison, or don’t have the financial support to get their own supplies for school.
I wanted to show my girls that parties aren’t just to celebrate them or give to them. We need to learn to give, love, and share to others who are less fortunate.
The party took place in a classroom at one of our local churches, but this can take place in a library, or school. 
I invited a few girls to come participate with us. They brought their own school supplies donations for other kids.
I set up a table for the girls that came to the party with some favorite kid friendly snacks such as apple sauce, juice boxes, animal crackers, pretzels and chips.
I set up a basket with paper bags for them to grab their snacks before they left.
This was my way of saying “thank you” for the donations. I literally spent $25 in snacks and $15 in school supplies to donate. It does not need to be an expensive party, if you get others involved you will minimize your cost.
The donations will be dropped off at in Tempe, AZ.
Here’s some more pictures from the party!
Vendor credits:
Styling and ideas: A To Zebra Celebrations:
Printables: Anders Ruff
“Give-Love-Share” banner:
Donation of bus school clips from:
Photography courtesy of:

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