40 & Fabulous Party!

One of my friends turned 40 last month.  She loves black and red.  She asked if I would help her out with her desserts table and I was like “hmmmm, let me think about it”…..my response “YES! I can’t wait!”….lol
I literally had less than a week to come up with ideas, printables, and everything else.  Thank you to my lovely Contributor, Michelle from I DO Invitations by Michelle who came to my rescue and designed for me!!  I pulled out my bins with decorations and voila!…I had everything we needed. No invitation was designed for this party because it was a last minute thing and my friend emailed everyone.  However, I am sure Michelle can design one to match.

I loved that this was a small, simple, but yet elegant party!  My pictures are not very good because I took them….ha!!  I am a horrible photographer in case you can’t notice….lol

The cake and cupcakes are from Buttercream Bling.  The strawberries are from Sweeticakes.com
I made the 40 N FABULOUS glitter letters hanging on the wall.  It was the final touch that made this display!
The gorgeous fresh roses arrangements are from BloomingMill.  I love roses!
Little details such as adding labels to the water bottles and little flags for the wine cups can make a big difference!


Some cute bags with mints and a THANK YOU tag 🙂
Thank you everyone who helped out with this party!!  It turned out great considering I pulled it together in about 4 days….lol
Wouldn’t this be adorable for a Valentine’s party for adults too?

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