How to make Halloween cake balls

Welcome to a very scary version of Tutorial Thursday!

Here’s a little Halloween Cake Ball fun for you!

Tips on how to make these adorable creations at the bottom of this post!

Thank you to the incredibly talented designer, Melissa, from Melissa’s Delicious Cake Balls for sharing your devilish secrets! 🙂

Cyclops - The eyes are made from circles of white almond bark with dot
of black almond bark in the middle, refrigerated to firm up.
Mummies - The eyes are mini chocolate chips and the mummies wrapping
is just white almond bark drizzled out of a ziplock baggie.
Ghosts - The eyes are just drawn on with black almond bark, using a
ziplock baggie with a hole cut in the corner.
Spider webs - Used this technique from Sweetopia:
Pumpkins - For the stems, I made my own chocolate fondant using this
technique from Cake Central:
Candy Corn - Dipped the tops first in white, let it dry, then I dipped
the rest in orange, let it dry, and dipped the bottom in yellow.
Eyeballs - Made from gummy lifesavers with a mini chocolate chip
inside. These would also be super cute with red "veins" drawn on with an
edible marker.