~ Remembering 2012 ~

2012 in review

Another year has come to a close and I wanted to highlight the best things about this past year, but also share a little of the not so good times.  You know?  We all have ups and downs, struggles, challenges and it’s not all peaches and cream.

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~ January ~

I had the opportunity to go to San Diego to  help with one of the Operation Shower events. There were 10 other party designers invited.  Some of my favorite party gals were there.  They are so fun and you should check them out if you haven’t already!  A Blissful Nest, The Marshmallow Studio, Maddycakes Muse, Soiree Event Design, Shawna Brockmeir Styled Events, Hostess with the Mostess, Sweets Indeed, and so many others!

safari baby shower 0013

operation shower 2012

~ February ~

Valentine’s Day makes me happy.  It’s sweet and adorable! My girls love “Crush” soda.  I was immediately inspired to host a Valentine’s Day party.  Beba Photography captured the most amazing pictures.

v-day party ~ March ~

This beautiful Spring Party was featured in the Popular Crafts magazine.  If you aren’t familiar with this magazine, they are based out of the UK.


Popular crafts magazine

~ April ~

I traveled to Utah for the SNAP conference…..so.much.fun!  Michelle from Maddycakes Muse was my roomie……good times!!

From left to right-  Michelle from Maddycakes Muse,  Toni from Design Dazzle, Me, Mariah from Giggles Galore, Holly from Paisley Petals Events, and beautiful Courtney from Pizzazzerie.

snap conference

I was busy creating ideas on a budget for Easter. It was a pleasure working with Beba Photography again for this photo shoot. Desserts & Designs created some pretty printables to coordinate with the theme.

Easter party

We went to celebrate my daughter’s 5th birthday to Disneyland!  Mommy needed a break from hosting parties….LOL  It was magical for her and big sister!


~ May ~

I contributed a “Born to shop” baby shower for the popular Bird’s party magazine.  Make Life Cute designed super cute printables.  She took my vision and brought it to life beautifully!

girl baby shower


As if I wasnt’ busy enough…….ha!…..My oldest daughter had been asking for a new room. I love to decorate and paint…(well I hired someone to paint, it was my hubby…ha!  He also helped refinishing the dresser….he rocks!) We started the project to get her a new room.  I am still not done since last May….ha!  The entire room with before and after pictures will be posting soon.

girls bedroom

 ~ June ~

My Ashley graduates kindergarten…… sniff sniff…..


I appeared on a local TV show called, Arizona Midday.  I shared 4th of July and summer pool party ideas.  Always a blast!

summer party ideas

~ July ~

Hosted a “Captain America” birthday party for my friend Jennifer’s son.  It was interesting coming up with boy/girl ideas for this party, but I think it turned out super fun!!  Beautiful photos from Tikkido.

captain america party

I was over the moon excited when Anderson Cooper featured my 4th of July party ideas from 2011!  Hard work pays off…..promise :):)

4th of july party

~ August ~

My husband loves Football.  I begged to decorate and share some Football party ideas.  He loves me, so he said “Yes”.  It was kinda of funny since there were only grown men at this party….ha!  Pictures from Anderson Photography.

football party

~ September & October ~

It was super insane these 2 months!!  I don’t even know how I pulled it off, but I managed.

Halloween ideas for ehow.com

Halloween desserts

“Best Witches” Halloween Party with Style Image Studios.

Best witches

Tinker Bell for my daughter Ashley who turned 7 on October 23rd!


Arizona Midday TV appearance ~ Halloween ideas on a budget ~

IMG_0046 copy

~ November ~

A trip to see my husband’s family in Oregon

oregon trip

~ December ~

I shared party ideas for an “Ornament ExchangeChristmas party on the Festivities magazine.  Photography by Tikkido.

Christmas ornament exchange party


I have been wanting to host a gingerbread party, so we did.  The girls had sooo much fun!  I love the holidays!  Photography by Tikkido.

gingerbread party

And…….my last but not least……New Year’s Eve party ideas set up on our wine cabinet…..super quick and inexpensive.



PHEW!!!  There it is my friends!!  But, but, but you are probably wondering where is the WORST of the year? lol   This isn’t the worst by any means, but here’s a list of some of the NOT fun things that happened this past year:

  • My little one was diagnosed with sleep apnea.  She had her tonsils removed.  She had eye surgery as well.
  • Our garage door broke, our refrigerator broke, the girls’ toilet broke, our garbage disposal broke all in the same month.
  • My husband had surgery on both of his hands and left elbow.
  • My cousin who is 33 was diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • My grandma has bad Osteoporosis.
  • I had a dental implant done- hate it!
  • My oldest daughter was prescribed glasses. (She actually looks cute….lol)
  • I’ve had a really hard time balancing my businesses and family.  Lots of changes coming this year.  That will be a whole new post! :):)  My other website- www.mypartyisover.com has been totally neglected, but will focus more on that this year.

I am still so thankful for my family, friends and all of you.  I love what I do and having my own business.  It has been fun and rough both at the same time.  I promise to share more on this another day.  Thank you for the encouragement and support.

I wish you the BEST this 2013!  I hope for you success, love, blessings and health!

How about you?  How was your 2012?


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