How to make a lemonade stand

lemonade stand party

Yay for handy husbands right?!  I’m excited to share with you how my husband made this awesome stand for $30!  He is a bargain shopper like me.  Just a little note- I do not pick up a hammer…..ever! LOL

Acquire materials (*think light weight*)
–  3, 2″x3″ studs (8′ long)
–  1 sheet of hardboard or lightweight siding
–  4, 8′ cedar bender boards
–  2, sticks  1″x2″ (8′ long)
–  5, scrap cedar fence boards (5 1/2″ wide)

supplies for lemonade stand

Tools used
–  Skilsaw
–  Chopsaw
–  Drill

Build a frame using the 2×3 studs to accommodate a 30″x36″ piece of the hardboard (front of the lemonade stand base).

*recommendation – use nails or deck screws for the frame

lemonade stand wood

Affix the hardboard to the frame.  Frame the face of this piece with cedar bender board.

*recommendation – use smaller nails (avoid finish nails) or screws for the hardboard and bender board.

frame 2

Frame the sides for the base of the lemonade stand with more 2x3s.  Secure the sides to the completed lemonade stand front.  The sides of the lemonade stand will measure 22″ wide by 30″ tall.


Affix the hardboard to the framed sides.  Frame the exterior of the side pieces with bender board.

lemonade stand tutorial 5

lemonade stand 4

Cut the scrap fence boards to size (36″ long).  Use screws to fasten them to the lemonade stand, forming a table top.

Use a 1″ or larger flat headed drill bit to bore out two holes near the edge of the table top (1 on each side).  Measure to insure the holes are placed symetrically (approximately 31″ apart).

lemonade stand instructions

Attach a fence board (trimmed to size, 47″) horizontally to the top of the 1x2s, which will serve as legs from the lemonade stand sign (fence board).  Trim the 1x2s to your desired height (71″).

*recommendation – use screws

NOTE – space the legs of the sign to coincide with the space between the holes drilled in the table top.

The legs of the sign are not attached to the base of the lemonade stand.  The legs simply fit into the holes you bored out.  This increases portability of the lemonade stand.

sell lemonade stand

summer lemonade stand

Here’s what it looks like after I decorated for the Breakfast Valentine’s Day party! So fun!

lemonade stand party copy

What do you all think?  Did he do ok?  I love it!!



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