Rainbow Birthday Party

rainbow party 009

Bright colors make me happy!!  This Rainbow party is super fun!  Jodi from Meaningful Mama and I met at Blissdom in Dallas a few weeks ago.  I have been following her blog for a few months now. It is so cool to meet other bloggers in person.  She is a great mommy and a fun party girl too!

This cake is Awwwwwwwmazing!!!  I can’t stop looking at it.  Yup! you can find out how to make this rainbow cake over on her blog.

cake 029

rainbow party 116

Who doesn’t love jello right?  The more colorful the better! so fun!

rainbow party 006

Fruit kabobs!

rainbow party 005

Does it look like the kids are having a blast? Oh yes they are!

rainbow party

The balloon pop game looks like a lot of fun!  Candy inside the balloons and kids had to pop the balloons by seating on them.

rainbow party 057

The kids got to dress in their favorite rainbow color…super cute idea!

rainbow party 029

Party favors! My favorite 🙂

ooze 108

Is this so amazing, creative and fun?!  I love it!  These ideas can be great for an Art Party as well!

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