Train Party Ideas

train sweets party

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Hello friends!!

I’m super excited, overwhelmed, nervous, stressed and all that goes along with planning an over-the-top party.  I consider myself just lucky yet honored that the wife of an NFL Football player would like me to decorate their son’s 2nd birthday this upcoming weekend!  I get to fly out of state so that just makes things a bit more challenging, but I know it will be super fun!

train party tabler runner

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I have 2 daughters and boy parties are not my forte.  I don’t consider myself creative when it comes to boy ideas.  I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest, Google and Blogs.  I have compiled this post with my most favorite train party ideas.  I hope you like it and find some inspiration for a train party!

vintage train party food table

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train candy

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train party centerpiece

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I have tons of more ideas on my Train Party Pinterest Board if you’ like to check it out.  My head is now spinning…..ha!!

Do you have a fun train party to share?  Would you like to be featured?  Email me at!

Choo-choo…..see you soon!! I’ll be MIA until next week friends!

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