How to make 4th of July sparklers

sparklers copy

Happy July 1st!

Who needs a quick, inexpensive tutorial for 4th of July?  Here’s one that you can make in 5 minutes and it’s super cute!


One recycled wrapping paper roll cut in half or whatever size you wish

$1 pipe cleaners

Washi tape


tutorial supplies

Wrap the roll with washi tape all the way to the top.


Stick your pipe cleaners in a piece of foam that will fit the wrapping paper roll.

diy tutorial

4th of july colors

That’s it! You are done after sticking this in the wrapping paper roll. It should look like this if you taped washi on an angle:

sparkles copy

Or like this if you didn’t …..just a different way to wrap it….I wanted to try both.

sparklers copy3

I set them up on my 4th of July party table right under the balloons!

4th of july entertaining ideas copy

What do you think? cute huh?  🙂


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