Circus Birthday Party

circus party 3

My daughter Ashley is turning 8 in a few weeks.  She asked for a circus party! I’m excited to share this party from Kristen Carter Photography.  I’m totally inspired and ready with some ideas to decorate Ashley’s party on October 12th.

circus party 9

Check out this amazing location!!!! Seriously incredible…..I love it!

circus birthday outfit

Excuse me? How adorable is the birthday girl?  The outfit….I’m dying!….cuuuuute!

circus cake

The circus cake is fabulous! So creative.

monkey topper


These favors are so cool! I’m sure the kids loved them 🙂

circus lollipops

Lollipops are a must!

circus party favors

I love these boxes…not sure where they are from though.


Photo booths are super popular these days!


Isn’t this so cute?!

face painting

Who doesn’t love face painting?  My daughter is super excited about doing this with her friends!


birthday girl

I think she had fun didn’t she?  I love this photo!

Thank you Kristen for letting me share this fantastic party! Your photos are gorgeous.

Find Kristen on Facebook if you’d like to check out her beautiful photography.


    • Hi Kim, I have been looking for these popcorn tubs too and the best price I have found by far is from Dollar Tree. They can order them for you and they are 2 for a dollar. I need to order a bunch for a Scout function and wanted the reusable popcorn tubs so they can be a part of the goody bag.

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