Pumpkin Patch Party

pumpkin patch party

I feel like a bad mommy….it’s been 2 years….YES!! 2 years and I’m finally posting this party!!!!!  Isn’t that terrible? LOL

Ok….well….she is my Fall girl.  She has always loved  the pumpkin patch.  She asked me if I would throw a pumpkin patch party and well I had to take on the challenge to put one together. It was so FUN!

First thing I did was contact my friend Rebekah from A Blissful Nest to design the invite. I love it! She did a great job taking my vision and it came to life beautiful.


The top 3 colors I chose where pink, brown and orange. A little white here and there.

pumpkin patch party 6

Let’s go over the desserts table because it’s my favorite thing to style! I bought a picket fence from Home Depot to use as the backdrop.  It’s a fun rustic look.  In addition to that the apples sat on these beautiful rustic tree trunk from PostScripts.

pumpkin patch desserts

The cake was simple and homemade. It was chocolate chip pumpkin….and so were the cupcakes…..delish!  The toppers for cake and cupcakes were made by Lynlees.com & cake and cupcakes by Buttercream Bling.

pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes

The white gorgeous cake stand is from Pedestals.  I wrapped with fabric from JoAnns.

pumpkin patch treats

These apples were stunning! I got them from Pretzels Pleaze. She makes amazing desserts….check her out.

Custom made marshmallows from The Marshmallow Studio and now you can purchase her book to learn how to make them. Go to her site to get the book.

I made the picket white basket with supplies from Hobby Lobby.



pumpkin_patch party

Do you like how it turned out?  All the other fall decor is stuff I had around the house.

pumpkin patch party on a budget

The seating area for the girls was here under our palapa in the backyard. Hubby wasn’t too happy about all the straw everywhere, but he puts up with my crazy ideas….love him!

fall centerpiece

I made a centerpiece with stuff from Goodwill.  It cost about $5.  The letter was a garage sale find for $.50 cents.

pumpkin patch party 10

For activities, the girls got to decorate their own cookies.  They got a custom made apron from The Lucky Princess.

cookie decorating

Messy is fun LOL!

pumpkin patch girls

The pinata from Party House Supplies was the most fun activity for the girls!

pumpkin patch photo prop

My friend Jennifer is super talented and she made this for the photo booth.


Can you see the big bump on Ashley’s forehead? Yup! she fell right face down on the tile like 30 minutes before the party.  She was devastated and was worried about looking ugly. I told her we would photoshop her photos, but I still wanted to share this with you because no party is perfect.  There’s always something unpredictable that can happen.


I set up a cute “Farm Boutique” where the girls got to play with their cute bows and custom made bracelets from 3 Little Birds Boutique.  Do you see the little birds and food I added to the jewelry holder? It’s all about the details 🙂

fall party

These pumpkin baskets were a find  at a craft store in Long Beach, CA.  I know bummer that you won’t be able to find these or you might get lucky if you google them.

party activities

These were the last activities….. they had fun!

pumpkin_patch party game

My little pumpkin….love her!

fall party food

I’m not sure about you, but I’m all about feeding my guests. I think most people show up hungry at parties lol  I know I do! It is also a Latin thing to cook food. I know my parents would complain if I didn’t serve real food…ha!  I made a yummy turkey chili. It is a recipe from Petite Party Studio. It is to die for…promise.

pumpkin_patch party 7

Last but not least, my girl was so happy and Thankful.  I made the banner for her gifts table.

pumpkin_patch dress

Her outfit was custom made by The Lucky Princess.

Her matching necklace from Miss Coco Designs.


Here’s my family and yes we all have to match the party….ha! I’m not sure how I convinced my husband to wear orange, but he did. He’s a sweetie!  I look exhausted  lol

Be sure to stop by my Pinterest board to see other pumpkin patch party ideas.

What do you think friends?  Did you like some of the ideas?

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