The Real Me

the real me

Hello friends! A while back I was posting a series of “Truthful Thursdays” where I opened up and share the truth behind me, my business, my life, the house, marriage and more.  I got great feedback from my readers and some wondered if I was going to bring those posts back.  So here it goes……..

****Warning**** This post you are about to read is long & it may cause controversy, judgmental thoughts, disagreements, etc. BUT, BUT it is the real deal. I hope you stick around.


It’s 6pm on a Friday night.  I wake up from a much needed 3 hour-nap.  I still feel tired. I sit here and my husband just left to take my girls to flag football practice.  My little one tells me before she leaves “mommy, I want you to come to practice with us”.  It made me super sad I wasn’t awake to go with them to practice.  I’m alone now. I’m crying more like bawling. I’m spent. I have no energy to do ANYTHING.  My body aches.  I’m worn out period.  What’s wrong with me?

I need a little uplifting, some encouragement.  I get on Facebook.  I go to Instagram.  I check Twitter. I check my emails.  I check comments on my blog.  I check Pinterest.  Social media is consuming my time.  My life period.  I enjoy reading, following friends, acquaintances, talented business women, etc.  I like interacting, commenting and being engaged.  It takes tons of time from what I really need to be doing like being with my family though.

Always value your reputation with God more than your reputation with man” ~ Joyce Meyer ~  Funny I read this on Facebook at the time I’m feeling this way.  Why do I care so much about my reputation and what others think of me?  I kept reading Joyce Meyer’s FB wall.  I had missed many posts because I’m more focused on growing my business, getting more followers, more comments, more attention, whatever it may be.

Another post from her reads “Stop living to please everybody else, follow your own heart and really do what you believe that God wants you to do.  Get out of the boat!”~ Joyce Meyer ~

Can you say “WOW!!!”?  I’m convinced someone is telling me something.  I need to stop. Re-evaluate. Slow down. Focus on my family. Spend time with friends. Rest more. Play more. Laugh more. Be happy.


I have realized that my passion for parties has turned into a burden.  How fun is that?  I want it to be like it used to be and enjoy my parties, my girls, my family, guests, etc.  I’m stressed (not to mention exhausted) before, during and after the party.  I’m too worried about the darn weather, the table not being set up right, the tablecloth didn’t get ironed, the ribbon isn’t wide enough, the centerpiece is too small, the lighting for taking photos, the cupcakes aren’t pretty enough, you name it! You get the idea. Disappointment sets in.  Why? Why do I do this to myself? Who am I trying to impress? I’m NOT perfect!  I quit. I quit because it isn’t healthy for me, for my family.  This doesn’t mean I quit loving parties and hosting them even blogging about them.  I love sharing ideas and inspiring women.  I’m going to focus on balance and setting my priorities straight.

The more you hurry, the more mistakes you make.  Slow down, breathe and learn to be  led by God, not driven by impatience.” ~ Joyce Meyer ~

I continue to be spoken to.  It’s hard to ignore.  I get to my computer and start typing this post you are reading.  I’m scared to publish it.  I’m worried what people will say.  I worry people might stop following.  I know I will be judged, I will be criticized, talked about, etc. I’m nervous and tell myself to not share this with anyone.  Did you notice how many times I used the word “I”?  Pure selfishness.  I remembered  reading this on Pastor Rick Warren’s FB page earlier in the week- “The more I focus on me, the more unhappy I’ll be”.  Isn’t this so true?  Life isn’t about me.

life is about serving

God has given me a gift to decorate parties, but now my mission is to find a way to bless others with this gift.  I have SO MUCH more to share about this, but will wait for another post.

I jump to Rick Warren’s FB page to catch up on his posts.  “Life is miserable when you build it around yourself.  You’re not the center of the universe.” ~ Rick Warren ~  My goodness! I’m feeling pretty beat up by now, but at the same time with peace. Free. Not burdened as I decide to make some changes STAT.  As in TODAY (that was a couple of months ago).  I already lost 4 years focused on me and building a business instead of being focused on my family & friends.  I can never get those years back, but I have learned making mistakes and almost loosing my family (more on that on a different post).  I can switch directions and move forward to do what God has called me to do.


I am so thankful for the community I have built, the support from customers, followers and fans however, I must step back and focus on the most important things in life- God- My Husband – My Girls- My Friends, Etc.  Don’t get me wrong my business has been a blessing as well.  I have met so many awesome women who are now dear friends of mine.  They have enriched my life, inspired me and encouraged me in many ways.  I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for this wild and fun A to Zebra Celebrations journey.

I mentioned earlier that I quit.  Rick Warren says this:  “The phrase “IT’S OVER” can be devastating or liberating, depending on the side you’re on.  Either way, always turn to God“. I’m liberated after my decision friends. I’m even smiling now.  My heart isn’t heavy.  My body is rested because I get more sleep now too…Yay!


I hope you continue to follow as I reveal so much more to you every week.  I have this BIG dream and vision of something that will be ooooohhhhh so awesome, rewarding and fulfilling.  I pray you will join me after I share what it is because I can’t do it alone and I promise is NOT about me or my family.

Thank you if you are still reading and I didn’t bore you with my issues LOL.

Love you all!



  • Good for you Nancy!! I too took a break from the daunting task of keeping up with social media. It became too much stress. I am so excited for you and for what lies ahead. Just continue to follow your heart!

  • I want to give you a big big hug. Were both on the same boat and sounds like I too need to “temp-quit” to be with family. Thank u for writing this at the time I needed to hear from another mok entrepreneur that is confident enough to say…. I quit (for now) and I’m ok with it” kudos and ill be waiting to hear new ideas from u! (Hugs)

  • Koodos to you sweet friend for posting this. It feels like you took the words out of my mouth. It is a daily struggle for all of us work at home mompreneurs. I often have to take breaks from my shop, custom designs and really just put my energy into my family. Our girls aren’t going to be little forever and there will come a time when they don’t want us around. Remember that. The party world isn’t drying up anytime soon, so enjoy those little moments and special times. I often have to deny clients on designs and projects because I am happy with a small steady flow. It makes for a happier and more available mommy. xoxo

  • First, I LOVE JOYCE MEYERS!! She is my go to gal.. And second…I only found you a bit ago, because I like zebra stripes (for my sons’ gf and me too) but I needed to post on here.. something I learned when I had my children… that its’ okay to be with them.. lol.. I know that sounds wacky.. but one only has them for just sooo long, and then, they are their own entities… so time is sooo fleeting… (I was a hostess on a gardening page and love to garden and craft) But I left it, because spending time with the wee~one’s is only just so long.. I will have time, GOD WILLING, in the future to do what I would like to do, and use the talents GOD gave me.. so please, enjoy your time with them, it’s sooo fleeting.. don’t blink they’ll be asking for the car keys and then college loans before you know it.. (ah~hem, that I know very well nowwwwwww) so enjoy your time..
    And food for thought though.. all kids and no fun time is sorta the opposite.. if you get my drift.. so, maybe take on some design team peeps or something the equivalant and let them carry the load too.. “MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK” (we say that at our Meals~on~Wheels site, lot’s of volunteers and we are all family, get your whole family in volved in some kind of charity work, it does the family good and all of your souls as well, my kids go with me when they are off of school) but it may be an option to have your cake and eat it too so to speak..
    May GOD hold you in the palms of HIS hands, guide your paths…

  • Good for you Nancy. It’s always hard to find that balance. God, hubby and family sometimes doesn’t quite make it in that order. I’ve been doing soul searching myself and have been making some changes. Thanks for sharing! You are awesome!

  • I really love that you are sharing this. It is so hard not to let business consume you. I fight this battle every week. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Love this post! do you want to know why? Because you are being obedient to Gods call on your life! That takes courage…great courage! I totally relate to what your prayer lately has been “show me how to take this business and use it to bless people” Can’t wait to hear what your idea is and I will be praying for clarity and wisdom as you walk down this new path! 🙂

  • Take care, Nancy. Family first for sure. I’ve taken a couple breaks from the business this year to do the same, and I think I’ve come back stronger for it. Wishing you well as your re-prioritize — and I hope you find the fun again!

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