Lalaloopsy Birthday Party

lalaloopsy party

My daughter Hannah turned 7 this past April.  She asked for a Lalaloopsy Party! I normally don’t do characters, but my girls are getting old enough to let them make some small choices like picking a theme for their party. I’m ok with that. It is about them anyway, right?

lalaloopsy invitation

Once you picked a theme for your party, I recommend finding a cute invitation.  I got this one from Precious Pixel.

Lalaloopsy Outfit

Nancy La La Loopsy (74 of 149)

Next, you want to find the outfit for your birthday girl. She actually picked it out.  The skirt is from Atutudes. She has the best tutus and dresses! The Lalaoopsy shirt is from Rowan Mayfairs.

Nancy La La Loopsy (78 of 149)


Nancy La La Loopsy (75 of 149)


Birthday girl wore these pretty bows from Party Shoppe.



Nancy La La Loopsy (68 of 149)

Big sister wore this Lalaloopsy shirt from the Lucky Princess.

Lalaoopsy Desserts

lalaloopsy cake

The next thing I do is find a cake.  I knew I didn’t want a character and I showed this one to my daughter. She loved it. Inspired Sugar does a phenomenal job with all of my cakes!

lalaloopsy desserts

Aren’t these Lalaloopsy mini cupcakes adorable? They were made by Inspired Sugar as well.

DIY Desserts Table

desserts table

Colorful Candy in Jars

lalaloopsy candy table

I like to get my candy from Candy Galaxy. They have a huge variety and a $9.99 flat rate shipping. This is nice if you are ordering a lot of candy.

lalaloopsy_party 2


Do you like the pom poms garland that is just sitting on the table? You can find those over at Petite Party Studio.

DIY Lalaloopsy Decorations

lalaloopsy decorations

lalaloopsy ribbon

My sister and I came up with these fun ribbon garlands. I made the one with the loops and she made the other one. Aren’t they cute? I can sell these or make more in whatever colors you wish. Email me if interested-  You can also visit Party Shoppe to place an order.

Lalaloopsy centerpieces

We also made these centerpieces for the girls’ table. I love how they turned out. They were very inexpensive to make. I’m happy to sell them.

Nancy La La Loopsy (41 of 149)

This was the seating area for the girls. My sister and I made the Lalaloopsy centerpieces and I’m also happy to sell them or make new ones with whatever colors to match your party.

lalaloopsy party supplies

All the Lalaloopsy party supplies are from Party City.

Lalaloopsy Games & Activities

lalaloopsy pinata

My mom and my sister made the Lalaloopsy pinata.  You can buy one from Party House Supplies etsy shop.

lalaloopsy games

This is a fun Lalaloopsy party game from Party City. They get to pin the “owl” on the poster.

photo booth

The girls had fun with this photo frame my sister colored and glittered for the party! I bought the foam frame in Mexico.  You can purchase the foam letters and buttons from the Party Shoppe, but the frame is not available because is hard to ship it in that size.

Lalaloopsy Party Favors

Lalaloopsy lunch boxes

Each little girl received a lalaloopsy mini lunch box from Party City. The custom made tags are from Sugar Shack Crafts.

lalaloopsy favors

The girls also received a handmade money bank. You can find them over at Party Shoppe.


Let’s sing Happy Birthday to Hannah!!! She’s such a sweet and happy girl……love her!

lalaloopsy girls

These have got to be my most pics ever! This truly shows what the party is all about. The joy, the smiles, the giggles and goofy times with these girls are priceless! I’m blessed!

A HUGE THANK YOU to my friend Nikki from Tikkido for all these beautiful pics. She’s an amazing photographer, crafty girl, talented, etc. you name it! Check out her blog for all the awesome stuff she makes! You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Thank you for visiting friends! The party was super fun for everyone. The girls loved it and I truly have a blast decorating pretty parties.

Find more Lalaloopsy party ideas on my Pinterest board.



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