Fun Games to Play When Hosting a Party

party games for kids

When it comes to throwing a party you can have the best food and drink in the world but eventually everyone is going to get bored at some point in the night. So to stop that from ever happening here’s a couple of fun games you can try at your next party to keep everyone entertained.

The first one you can try is ‘Blind Man Walking’, this can be a little bit dangerous so you may want to make sure the room you’re playing in is safe, has nothing valuable that can be knocked over and smashed and there’s nothing to trip or slip on.

kids bursting balloons

How this game works is one player is blindfolded, spun around three times and then given a pin and told to walk a few feet to burst some balloons. They’ll then have two minutes to burst as many balloons as they can. You can then take it in turns and the person with the biggest score at the end wins.

If you don’t fancy anything too physical you can try playing ‘No to No’ this one involves banning everyone from saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Players then take it in turn to ask or answer questions without saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and the person that manages to answer the most questions at the end of two minutes wins.

ping pong

To really energize everyone you could try ‘Blow the Ball’, all you need is a Ping Pong ball and a straw. You then have two to four people on all fours blowing their ball to a designated finish line, first to cross the line wins. If you’ve got more than four people you could make teams or turn it into a relay race with several stages, like having one person blow it up one end of the floor and other blow it back.

bingo 2

Or if everyone has a smartphone you could always try playing bingo as there are tons of fun free games to enjoy on a range of websites. But it’s not just games for adults, there are plenty of fun activities for kids that you can try if it’s a younger audience you have.


For example there’s the old favorite of ‘Pin the Tail On the Donkey’ where kids are blindfolded and have to pin a tail on a donkey that’s drawn on a wall, the closest to the tail wins a prize.

pass the parcel game

Another activity kids always go crazy for is Pass the Parcel. All you need for this is lots of wrapping paper, a CD player for the music and a relatively cheap toy or reward at the centre of the parcel. Just sit the kids in a circle and then have them pass it around and occasionally stop the music, the child left holding the parcel when the music stops then gets to rip off a layer and this continues until the prize at the bottom is found.

Last but not least is an old favorite, musical statues, this is where the kids will get to burn off all that excess energy they have. Just put on any old music and let the kids jive away, then occasionally pause it, anyone still moving after the music stops is out. If you want the kids to really get into it try putting up a prize for the winner.

So when you’re planning on throwing a party or a big group event with your friends why not use some of these fun activities and games to keep everyone entertained for hours.

Do you know of any other fun games to play? Leave a comment! I’d love to read them.

  • It’s not easy to host a kiddie party because kids will always want to have fun and games, and these games will just be the thing to keep them busy and say your little one just gave the best party ever! Pass the parcel is going to be a great winding down game to end the party, with every kid getting a prize that will make the day memorable. Thanks for these cool game ideas!

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