Back to School Free Printables

Hi friends! I want to make a conscious effort to write about my precious daughters more often…..hope you don’t mind. They are growing so very fast! The years are slipping away….. They went back to school today and they look so grown up to me! 🙁 I love how responsible, independent and smart they are! Hannah is starting 4th grade and Ashley is going into 5th grade! 

In case you didn’t notice, they are obsessed with emojis! 😉 We found their t-shirts at Justice and my friend Rebecca from Petite Party Studio designed the free back to school printables! Aren’t they so cute?! I thought it’d be fun to include their interests right now… here it goes…

Hannah 4th grade- July 2016

Little sister loves her iPod, she loves to do her hair and wear cute bows. She loves to cuddle and snuggle with blankets. She loves Starbucks and enjoys helping me cook and/or bake! She’s interested in gymnastics and wants to be a professional hair dresser when she grows up! Her favorite stores are: Justice, Target and Bath & Body Works.

Ashley 5th grade July 2016

Big sister is not a girly as little sister. She loves animals especially dogs. She loves her mini iPad. She is addicted to Minecraft and watching YouTube videos. She wants her own YouTube channel….ha! She is extremely social and outgoing….I love that about her! She loves football and enjoys playing soccer during recess with all the boys 😉 She wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Her favorite stores are Justice, Bath & Body Works, Goodwill and the Dollar Tree!

first day of school July 2016

What are your kids into these days? When do they return to school?

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