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Summer is for picnics right?! Only if you live in a state where it doesn’t get over 75 degrees during summer! I live in Arizona and well… we have to host our picnics indoors…ha! 🙂 Either way- I hope you enjoy these cute and easy ideas I came up with for Arizona Midday TV show last summer!


You can host a fabulous picnic with cute decorations from Party City! I love the picnic banner because the letters are stickers and you can personalize it to say whatever you wish 🙂

picnic 3

How to get started? Go to your local grocery store and buy a plain white cake to put on the table as your centerpiece.

Picnic Cake

I dressed up mine with white and red jelly beans around it and put fresh berries on top. If you are celebrating a birthday, you can copy and paste the free printable at the bottom of this post.

picnic cupcakes

I bought mini cupcakes at the grocery store as well and put hamburger gummies as toppers on some and some free cupcake toppers you can download as well.

picnic ideas 2

Watermelon on a stick is a must at every picnic!…..Kids love these! You can find the white trays over at Party City for only $1.99!

picnic snacks

Popcorn is inexpensive and the adorable picnic cups are perfect for an easy grab-n-go!


Set your picnic cups on a white tray for better presentation and dress up the straws with free printable flags!

Picnic ideas

I put red Kool-Aid drinks in this adorable bucket from Party City!



You can serve hot dogs and corn on the cob on cute picnic trays!

Picnic FoodNachos are my favorite!

Summer Picnic

summer picnic 2

summer picnic ideas


I found these watermelon lollipops at my local 99.cents store. I simply wrapped an empty can with gingham paper and put some foam inside to stick the lollipops….easy and done in 5 minutes!

picnic 6


And that’s it my friends! super fun, easy and something you can totally duplicate in your own home! It doesn’t have to be outside if the weather isn’t great! What’s your favorite detail?

Click to download your free picnic printables

Picnic Cupcake Toppers

Picnic Happy Birthday Sign

Picnic Happy Birthday Sign


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