Boo-tiful Bar Cart

Happy Wednesday friends!!! Can you believe Halloween is ONE week away?? Who’s ready? I’ve been having so much fun coming up with new party ideas for all the upcoming holidays!! 

I am obsessed with bar cart styling and thought you might like some of my simple ideas!….. Bar carts are the trend right now and it helps keeping things on a budget 🙂

I always start with some sort of centerpiece for the center of the bar cart, table or whatever you’ll end up using for your desserts, candy and/or treats.

I loved going to Goodwill this past weekend and finding this wood “ghost” sign for $2.99! I knew it was the perfect prop for my bar cart. The white vase is also from Goodwill for .99 cents!!….wowza!…..paper shred from the Dollar Tree and there you go!

I added two white cupcake stands from Target at each end. These were only $5 a couple of months ago and I am sure they still have them. I’ve seen them often. If you’ve been following a while you know I don’t bake but love getting ready to go desserts and/or cookies for my parties. I bought Hostess cupcakes and oreo cookies for this party idea. The little ghost cupcake toppers are from Walmart.

And if you are eating oreo cookies, you NEED to have milk right?! 😉 I put white milk in my favorite plastic cups from My Chinet.

I made the “BOO” stand with a piece of a foam and I sell these in my etsy shop, A to Zebra Celebrations (haven’t changed the name yet)

I think it’s so fun to add festive candy and I love these finds at Target for Tic-tacs and SweetTarts….aren’t they adorable?

These FREE “ghost poop” printables from Sunshine Parties were so perfect I had to use them!!

The bottom part of the cart was super fun to decorate as well….. I put marshmallows and chocolate covered raisins in cute cupcake wrappers and sat them on a spiderweb stand from Target. I bought it last year and love using it every Halloween season. The BOO and EEK signs are also from Target and those were only $3 bucks! I love dealsssss!!!

I was at Dillards buying a gift for a wedding in the home department and spotted the BOO metal sign and the eyes light up!! How FREAKING ADORABLE right?….I could not resist…..had to have it….lol!

I painted the “BAR” sign with white glitter and it doesn’t show well on this photo but it’s super cute in person!…I sell these signs in my etsy shop too!

These black pumpkins are from Target and I decorated the foam block that it sits on….I am happy to sell these and/or make some to match your party. Contact me through my etsy shop or email-

This “Boo to you” sign is $3 from Walgreens! 🙂

This ghost basket glows in the dark and I bought it at Party City. I added tootsie-rolls cause they kinda match the best and they are yummy! 🙂 The ghost sticking out is foam and I sell in my etsy shop too.

And one of my most favorite finds is this this ghost pinata from Nordstrom Rack for $5.97!!!….SCORE!

And that’s a wrap my friends!!! I threw balloons all over the floor like I did for my candy corn bar cart last week…..they are super fun and inexpensive! The backdrop is just plain black streamers and it cost me $1! Can’t beat that right? I’m linking all vendors in a list below in case you missed any…..

Pier 1 Imports– black and white mini pumpkins

Walgreens– Boo to you sign

Hobby Lobby– ghost ribbon

Target– EEK, BOO, black glittery pumpkins, white cupcake stands, Tic- tacs, Sweet Tarts and Hostess cupcakes

Party City– black streamers, ghost glow in the dark basket and balloons

Dillards– BOO sign with light up eyes

Nordstrom Rack– ghost pinata

Dollar Tree– white mini ghosts decorations

Walmart– ghost cupcake toppers

Hope you have BOO-TIFUL rest of the week my friends!! Tell me what’s your favorite detail?